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Scrumptious by Lucy - Fudge-ilicious brownies

To be honest, I’m not even sure fudge-ilicious is a word...but we’re going to go with it, because it’s an adjective that suits Lucy’s brownies down to a tee.

Before I tell you more about the goodies, I cannot express enough how much of a brownie fiend I am.

I grew up in a house of malt loaf, burnt fruit cake, fairy buns and bara brith. The only deviation was birthdays, when mum would enlist a local baker to conjure a tower of buttercream-frosted whimsy (which I would always want to shove my face into).

Aged around 10 (and I remember this vividly) I was dropped off to a friend’s house in my very fetching jersey Lion King tracksuit where we spent the day blowing off steam in the rural park (imagine something a la BBC’s This Country), and reciting the words to songs from Oliver...which we must have been studying at school.

Arriving back at said friend’s house all sweaty and in need of sustenance, a large tin appeared on the table – a well-worn sticky label marking the contents. ‘Brownies’.

At the time (over 25 years ago) brownies were an exoticism. A mere curiosity. I had no clue what they were. But when my mate’s mum (a Canadian native) removed the lid, my mind was blown.

The bars of cake were nothing like the dry slabs of chocolate sponge joined together with sucrosy icing that sometimes appeared from a WI cake sale on our dining room table.

They were all chewy and crunchy on top. With the texture of fudge. It was love at first bite. And I haven’t looked back. So thankyou Mrs Ryan!

Sheffield-based Lucy of, as if you hadn’t guessed, Scrumptious by Lucy, was influenced by her grandma, who spent hours baking with her as a child, instilling a mantra, that the best cakes only include the best ingredients. And it’s something that’s stuck. When Lucy launched her business on a market stall in Sheffield four years ago, she was adamant about only using free-range eggs and the finest Belgian chocolate.

And her treats were a hit. So much so she expanded to wider Yorkshire, eventually taking the business online, with nationwide delivery now available.

This is just the kind of ‘cottage industry’ I love. A working mum with a passion for baking, buoyed by friends and family to take her dream further.

Her flavours include a lemon blondie with lemon curd and drizzle, peanut butter infused, salted caramel, and a Biscoff blondie crammed with chocolate chips, Lotus biscuits, dark chocolate and Biscoff spread.

There are vegan and dairy-free varieties too.

Four varieties dropped through my door in their simple, letterbox-friendly packaging, each individually wrapped in compostable ‘plastic’.

Arriving on a hot day, they were satisfyingly gooey and toothsome when I got my moosh around them.

I could tell by the way they looked they’d be good, from the yielding, gooey gleam of the crumb, to the shiny crisp of their tops.

Each one was thick, fudgy and generous, the flavours and sweetness balanced by a trickle of salt (you really do need that in a brownie).

Lemon Blondie: A bright, cheery bake the colour of yolk. Infused with curd and with a lemon glaze. Gorgeous with a cup of Earl Grey (no milk).

Chocolate Orange: Eat the Terry’s Chocolate Orange wedge on top before anyone else can get it! Really scrummy with a not-too-overpowering, touch of citrus.

Classic Chocolate: Just pure yum. Not too sweet, a touch of salt, fantastic texture.

Nutella: What’s not to love? Nutella and chocolate. Enough said.

There’s a ‘flavour of the month’ each month – currently Cadbury’s Crunchie – to consider too.

A box of four is £12.95, delivered by DPD on the next working day.

Order and find out more here.

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